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Through a wide range of projects and programs, SOSVA has over the past 27 years worked relentlessly to strengthen the NGO sector, and to partner effectively with government, the civil society and with its donors, to address a spectrum of health, education and other developmental concerns, particularly those related to underprivileged and marginalized groups.

Some of these programs have been providing equipment and supplies to hospitals in times of natural disasters through “MEDIGIFT”, partnering with national and international Agencies on HIV / AIDS Control Programs, designing and conducting training workshops for volunteers and others, facilitating education of Tribal Children, providing opportunities to Corporate bodies to implement their CSR activities and orienting international students to Community Health Projects in India through the NGO THEME TOUR.

VOLACT (Voluntary - Action) is one of SOSVA’s unique projects that promotes volunteerism, a critical element of SOSVA’s Mission. SOSVA believes in the power of volunteerism, to nurture and strengthen community and social networks towards building social capacity within an increasingly globalised environment, vulnerable to loss of cultural identity and gross socio economic inequities.

Volact was launched in 1994 to mobilize, train and facilitate volunteers to provide their services to nongovernmental and community based organizations, to schools and other educational institutes and to agencies working with underprivileged, challenged and other marginalized groups, who are in need of voluntary support, to help them manage and implement their programs. Volunteer interests and capacities as well as the needs of agencies requesting volunteer support are carefully studied before placement is made. Regular follow-up by SOSVA staff also ensure that the volunteer agency relationship remains harmonious and productive.

SOSVA volunteers have over the years provided voluntary services to a total of 224 NGOs in Mumbai.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world, It is the only thing that ever has.”
- Margaret Mead, Social Anthropologist

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